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Among the pests that love the year-round warm weather in Scottsdale, AZ and the larger Arizona area are spiders. They tend to find homes more comfortable than the desert since there is plenty of food and shelter from the hot sun. If spiders have found their way to your home, San-Rio Pest Control can help. As an expert spider exterminator team, we specialize in spider removal including brown recluse extermination.

Though a good number of spiders are harmless, some of them have venomous bites. These bites cause illnesses and can be fatal to young children and the elderly. Moreover, arachnophobia is a real thing and spiders can be unsettling and outright scary to some people. If spiders are giving you a headache and you need spider removal, we can sort it out. We are a leading spider exterminator in Scottsdale, AZ and the nearby areas of Peoria and Phoenix.


We’re a Spider Exterminator Company

Are you in need of a spider exterminator or spider pest control? While the lone harmless spider on your lawn might not be a cause for alarm, it might be the beginning of an infestation. Spiders will mostly be attracted to your home by food sources such as insects. They also get indoors while seeking shelter, especially in ornamental plants.

If you are dealing with the threat of spiders, you will need to know the measures you can take to prevent an infestation. To begin with, you need to be on the lookout for and knock down spider webs. Also, seal all potential spider entry cracks and avoid clutter as it makes for a desirable spider shelter. You can also invest in a spider exterminator.

For reliable spider pest control in Scottsdale, AZ, Glendale, Buckeye, and surrounding areas, call us. We specialize in spider removal, treatment, and control.

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We Specialize in Brown Recluse and Black Widow Extermination

While Scottsdale, AZ, Metro Phoenix, and the larger Arizona are home to many spiders, most are harmless. Two species, however, warrant attention, especially when they infest a home. These are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider.

Black widow and brown recluse extermination are important because of the nature of these spiders. They are venomous and their bites are painful and cause illnesses. Moreover, these bites can be fatal to young children, the elderly, people who are allergic to the venom, and even normal people when they do not seek treatment immediately.

We specialize in brown recluse extermination in Scottsdale, AZ, and the nearby Avondale and Suncity. Also, we exterminate the black widow and other spider species that may have inhabited your home.  With more than 10 years of experience in spider pest control, you can trust us to get it right the first time. We take care of your home like our own, ensuring a safe and pest-free space for your family.

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Choosing a spider removal professional is a crucial decision for several reasons. To begin with, the safety of the home’s occupants is on the line, especially when dealing with venomous spiders. You will want to protect young children from the bites of these spiders that could be fatal. Secondly, spider webs in the home are generally unsightly and make the home look unkempt and abandoned.

When it comes to choosing a spider removal expert, you need to settle on one with experience. This is especially when dealing with venomous species. It is also important to ensure that your spider removal professional is well versed in effective control measures.

A leading spider pest control company in Scottsdale, AZ and the neighboring El Mirage and Suncity, we can give you the peace you are looking for. Our spider exterminator services have been highly rated on Google and HomeAdvisor. Call us today on (623) 414-5493 and let’s start you off with a free consultation.

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