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The sighting of rats and mice or their droppings in the home is enough to send any homeowner into a frenzy. After all, no one likes sharing their home with these pesky creatures. If you need rodent control in your Avondale, AZ home, San-Rio Pest Control is your best bet. As leading rodent removal experts, we can get you a rat or rodent exterminator to remove and exclude them from your home.

Rodents are dirty and outright dangerous in the home. Not only are they responsible for a lot of damage but also, they pose a health risk to the occupants of the home. Moreover, they can be very difficult to control and get rid of once they have moved into your home.

When it comes to rodent control solutions that work in Avondale, AZ, we lead the pack. An all-rounded company, we offer all rodent removal services including rat exterminator services.


We’re A Rat Exterminator Company

Any rat exterminator in Avondale, Az and the nearby Peoria, Phoenix, and Glendale areas has dealt with two major types of rats. These are the pack rats (woodrats) and the roof rats. Roof rats are especially popular for nesting in the roofs including attics and ceilings when they infest a home.

Regardless of the type, rats and other rodents are attracted to the home by a source of food and shelter. Common food sources are for example open dust bins, dumpsters and accessible leftovers in the home. They are also attracted to citrus fruits and seeds of any kind. If rats have found their way into your home, a rodent control expert is your best bet at getting rid of them.

An experienced rodent exterminator, you can trust us to clear your home of rodents. We have specialized rat exterminator solutions especially for roof rats that can cause a lot of havoc.

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We Specialize In Rodent Removal

There are several reasons why rodent removal is imperative in your home. To begin with, rodents cause a lot of damage to property. They will gnaw at anything that is soft enough for their teeth including wood, boards, thermal insulation, and electrical wiring. This causes structural damage and potential hazards, especially with electrical wiring.

More than the damage, rodents carry several parasites such as fleas and ticks that cause deadly diseases. They spread diseases through their droppings, contaminating food with their urine and feces, and biting humans and pets. This, therefore, makes rodent control very necessary.

Our rodent removal solutions include 3-week trapping and baiting of the existing rodent population to get rid of them. After that, we embark on repairing rodent damage in your home in Avondale, AZ, Scottsdale, Buckeye, and surrounding areas.  Also, we put in place control measures to prevent another infestation. With over 10 years of experience in rodent control, you can trust our services.

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So you need a rodent exterminator for your home? Rodent removal is not exactly your easy DIY job. This is because rodents are very hardy. They adapt to most of the DIY options including poisons, becoming very hard to exterminate altogether.

A rodent control program will usually focus on making the habitat in your home uncomfortable for them. While you can do poisoning and trapping, to reduce their population, you need to get rid of all the attractants in the home to avoid further infestations.

Whatever your rodent control needs are in Avondale, AZ, Suncity, El Mirage, Surprise and surrounding areas, we have your back. A highly effective rodent exterminator, we employ solutions that will work. We pride in over 40 5-star ratings on Google and recognition as a top rated company on HomeAdvisor. Moreover, we can guarantee to get the job done right the first time. Call us today on (623) 414-5493 for free consultation and amazing discounts.

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