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It’s well known that mosquitos can carry a wide range of infectious diseases. Understandably, many Peoria, AZ home and business owners opt for traditional DIY approaches to mosquito removal, but when you’re dealing with a major infestation, it’s best to call an expert mosquito control company. San-Rio Pest Control, LLC proudly offers green mosquito control services with In2Care, a cutting-edge line of products made entirely from recycled materials. This innovative mosquito control system doesn’t require the spraying of toxic chemicals on your property; rather, In2Care’s contained traps and tubes use a unique netting that’s pre-treated with a natural biological fungus, which begins infecting mosquitoes on contact.


An Expert Mosquito Control Company Serving Peoria, AZ

With over 10 combined years of experience, and knowledge of the industry’s most innovative and sustainable solutions, San-Rio Pest Control, LLC can eliminate your mosquito problem for good. While 1 or 2 mosquito bites may not be a cause for concern, a sudden increase in the mosquito population in the Peoria, AZ area can cause a serious infestation, posing a wide range of health risks. We are experts on the life cycles and breeding patterns of these pests, and can effectively control the population so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.

The Many Benefits Of Green Mosquito Control

In2Care’s innovative traps and tubes offer “green” mosquito control, thanks to the use of all-natural biocides that won’t harm your pets or lawn. In2Care’s pest control solutions are not only environmentally friendly; their products also block the replication of dangerous viruses, eliminating the risk of infection for you and the people around you. If mosquitos are taking over your property, call San-Rio Pest Control, LLC today for a free initial phone consultation to find out if our innovative solutions are right for your home or business.

Put the pests to rest!

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