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Are you looking for flea and tick exterminator in El Mirage, AZ or the nearby Phoenix and Sun City? Ticks and fleas can be a nuisance on your pets and even on people. If you need tick extermination or flea pest control services, San-Rio Pest Control can be of help. A leading tick and flea exterminator, we can help you put a stop to your pest problem for good!

Fleas and ticks will mostly get to your home as parasites on pets. If you have a dog or a pet, therefore, there is a higher likelihood of harboring these pests in your yard or even in the home. Even when you do not have a pet, you could still get them from visiting pets.

If you need flea or tick exterminator services in El Mirage, AZ, Surprise, Glendale, and surrounding areas, reach out to us. We offer effective flea control and tick extermination services.


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Why do I need a flea exterminator, you may ask? Fleas are one of the worst kinds of pests. Not only do they pester pets but also people as well. They are a source of prolonged itching which can be very uncomfortable. Moreover, they can cause allergic reactions in more sensitive people and pets.

Fleas are also a medium of disease transmission. Diseases transmitted by fleas are for example bubonic plague, murine typhus, tularemia, and tungiasis. Their bites can also cause skin problems on pets leading to lesions and loss of fur in the bite areas. Therefore, if you are dealing with a flea infestation, it is best to call a flea exterminator.

For flea and tick exterminator experts that you can rely on in El Mirage, AZ, and the nearby Scottsdale and Buckeye, we are your ultimate partner. We make use of chemicals that will eliminate fleas ensuring a healthy environment for your pets.

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So you have been dealing with a flea infestation and need a flea pest control expert? Unlike most of the other pests, fleas are a nuisance to pets and humans. The bites will leave you or your pets constantly itching. Therefore, they need effective control and extermination once detected.

Professional flea pest control is way more effective at getting rid of fleas than DIY options. Since these annoying creatures are so tiny, they can hide very well. Professionals know how to target hidden spots and hard to reach areas to completely get rid of fleas that could be hiding there. Consequently, professional solutions are likely to be more effective at exterminating these pests.

An expert flea and tick exterminator, we have the solution to your flea problems in El Mirage, AZ and the nearby Avondale. We use spraying and misting of affected areas to achieve flea and tick extermination. Our services are highly rated on Google and HomeAdvisor.

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Some of the commonest ticks in El Mirage, AZ, Sun City, and the larger Arizona are the brown dog tick and the deer tick. They largely affect pets as they burrow on their skins to feed. Ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in animals and humans.

Tick extermination is important for the health of pets and even humans. In this regard, you need to take the time to find a reliable tick extermination contractor to ensure effective services.

We are a reliable flea and tick exterminator in the El Mirage, AZ. A highly rated pest control contractor, you can trust us to do the job right the first time. We take your health seriously and ensure our services are effective in controlling harmful pests. Call us now on (623) 414-5493 for a free consultation on tick extermination and special discounts.

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